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ThatJohnnyGuy drama afterword

Posted by UNCLEREGZ - 13 days ago

I have got to say, i'm glad his presence on the internet is no longer welcome. Johnny has been nothing but an obnoxious pathetic manchild crying victim whenever he could. He even went as far as to play victim after being outed for grooming a child over discord.

He has been quietly hated on Newgrounds due to his behavior, and i easily could see him eventually boiling over into doing something so disgusting. Which is sad and disturbing, that my most cynical prediction was right.

His actions are absolutely revolting and no amount of "it was 4 years ago" or "I've been to therapy" will fix what he did to that kid.

Johnny further dug his grave by making a horrible response, by having his usual twitter meltdown over how he is the victim and how he was trying to get better. Essentially confirming the accusations because he haven't brought up anything that can possibly defend him.

I will not share the doc here, as the screenshots are extremely upsetting and revolting. I think you can understand why i don't want to directly link this here... I don't wish the sight of Johnny's crusty ass dick pics on anyone.

EDIT: archiving here Johnny's pathetic cryfest










So much dick crust

preach brother preach

man, that must've been a shit ass therapist.

i wonder why therapy didn't help him at all i sure do

Edit: It makes me want to puke, is what I was trying to say. (Newgrounds won't post the emojis for some reason.)

I was just about to ask what it was about but I guess I glanced over the child grooming, and god. This was the first time I have heard of this drama, not really a drama follower, and yeah, doesn't matter if you change over a while, grooming a child is fucking vile.




Preachin to the choir

I am so dissapointed what the fuck.

R I P #Disableenabling

I feel like this merits saying: Based on his NG stuff, he seems to be contemplating suicide. I would recommend that no one actively encourage him to do so, because if he died, there would probably be some knee-jerk backlash against the people who are speaking out against him. We don’t want more people defending him, and we don’t want the kid who got sent his nudes to suffer more, so don’t go into that kind of territory.

Johnny has a reputation of protraying himself as miserable as possible for ass pats, its nasty he's trying to make himself the victim here
dude is pathetic even as a sex pest

That's kind of what happens when you show yourJohnnydick to 15 year olds

@Thetageist This is probably the best thing anyone can do given how he's reacting to all this.

If he goes through with it then it's just going to become a fever fucked nightmare for the victim. He does need to be held accountable given the information that has come out and I hope he gets a deeper level of help. It doesn't make me happy in the slightest with the information on what happened that said.

why is it always adults in their 30s or past their 30s who end up always embarrassing themselves on the internet???

the fact that he turned out to be a total creep while not surprising is absolutely sickening. but not as sickening as the people who were defending him

Millenials are laughably dysfunctional

@Thetageist I agree. He needs actual help and needs to stay away from the internet for good

Another day another chud


I'm disappointed, but I'm more disappointed at myself for giving him the benefit of the doubt

He never deserved in the first place lololol

I worked alongside him on Off The Wall. He left the podcast to a new host Aalasteir. Now it's tainted. The sad thing about seeing the best in people. You never see the worst. It just fucking sucks. Why would he do that?

the incel to groomer pipeline is real

some deep shit indeed

@The-Great-One I was just thinking about ya recently and I’m glad current Off the Wall kinda escaped his ownership.

@Dungeonation I've been talking to Aalasteir. As of right now I have officially dropped any involvement with Off The Wall going forward. That project has been tainted. I told Aalasteir if he wants to make something new, I'll be along with him. I will not build upon a legacy left by a pedophile.

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